TON Staking with best APY

TON Staking with best APY

In this article, we will tell you how to send TON to staking, through the liquid staking protocol, quickly and securely. Thanks to the smart contract no one get the access to your coins, they are protected by the blockchain, and thanks to the minimum commission – you get the best APY.

Now let's understand in order how to place coins in a smart contract.

1. Open with any browser or via @StakeeBot.

2. Clich the CONNECT WALLET button to log in – this is necessary to confirm transactions, the site does not access your funds.

3. Enter any amount in TON and click STAKE button to send tx – at the bottom you will see the calculation of the yield of your coins.

4. Now open the previously connected wallet and confirm the transaction, after that coins will be sent to the secure smart contract and STAKED coins will appear on your wallet balance to confirm your stake.

STAKED are tokens issued by a smart contract. Their value is always equal to the amount of TON you contributed and is constantly growing due to rewards from the blockchain.

5. Now you can track your steaking balance on the main page of the app. The amount in dollars may change depending on the current exchange rate, the amount in TON will always grow due to steaking.

What can I do with STAKED?

You can use the coins as a regular TON, for example, send them to a friend or buy any other token using decentralized exchanges.

At any time you can exchange STAKED for TON, you will get back the invested coins + rewards accumulated during the time of steaking.

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