TON Staking with best APY

TON Staking with best APY

In this article, we will tell you how to send TON to staking, through the liquid staking protocol, quickly and securely. Thanks to the smart contract no one get the access to your coins, they are protected by the blockchain, and thanks to the minimum commission – you get the best APY.

Now let's understand in order how to place coins in a smart contract.

1. Open with any browser or via @StakeeBot.

2. Click the Connect Wallet button to log in – this is necessary to confirm transactions, the site does not access your funds.
If you don't have any TON wallet yet, we recommend to use MyTonWallet.

3. Enter any amount in TON and click STAKE button to send tx – at the bottom you will see the calculation of the yield of your coins.

4. Now open the previously connected wallet and confirm the transaction, after that coins will be sent to the secure smart contract and STAKED coins will appear on your wallet balance to confirm your stake.

STAKED are tokens issued by a smart contract. Their value is always equal to the amount of TON you contributed and is constantly growing due to rewards from the blockchain.

5. Now you can track your staking balance on the main page of the app. The amount in dollars may change depending on the current exchange rate, the amount in TON will always grow due to steaking.

What can I do with STAKED?

You can use the coins as a regular TON, for example, send them to a friend or buy any other token using decentralized exchanges.

At any time you can exchange STAKED for TON, you will get back the invested coins + rewards accumulated during the time of steaking.


Every day, we receive numerous questions from users about staking operations, and we've compiled the most frequent answers.

What is liquid staking?

In traditional staking, coins are locked until you withdraw them. Liquid staking allows you to receive a "receipt" in the form of STAKED tokens, fully backed by the coins you've staked, effectively keeping them in your wallet. When you withdraw, these "receipts" are burned, and you get back your TON and rewards. All this happens within the blockchain; you just need to press a button and confirm the operation.

What can I do with STAKED coins?

You can use them like regular TON coins, such as sending them to friends or exchanging them on DEX. In the future, they can be used in various services alongside TON.

Where do the rewards come from?

Validator rewards come from transaction fees and other blockchain rewards. The validator then shares these profits with you, proportionate to the TON you've staked.

How safe is this?

We only use official contracts developed by the TON Foundation team, which have undergone numerous audits and consistently handle over $200 million in user trust.

Why can't I see my stake?

There could be several reasons. Perhaps you sent your STAKED tokens, confirming TON ownership in staking, to another wallet or connected a different wallet to the bot. In that case, simply disconnect the wallet and reconnect with the correct one, where your STAKED tokens are held.

How do I disconnect my wallet?

Tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the Stakee app window and open Settings. Inside, you can change the language, app theme, or disconnect a previously connected wallet.

How do I withdraw my TON back to my wallet?

Once you've staked coins, the app will update in a few moments. You'll see your staking balance and buttons for management. Use these to withdraw coins, add more TON to staking, track daily reward accruals, etc. Coin withdrawal occurs only within @StakeeBot or; please be cautious.

Why do I see an error when sending?

Often, this is because your wallet doesn't have enough coins to pay the blockchain fee. Withdrawal is a transaction that initiates deposit or coin return, and every blockchain transaction requires some TON for fee payment.

How can I contact support?

If you haven't found an answer to your question here, feel free to message us at @faqbot.

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