How to buy $GRAM

How to buy $GRAM

The history of $GRAM began when one of the developers proposed his idea of mining tokens using modified smart contracts, through which Telegram distributed the TON emission. Simultaneously, an experimental coin called $GRAM (that's what TON was called before rebranding) was launched, which became available for mining using PoW givers, similar to the TON mining process in the past. With one important difference โ€“ 85% of Gram coins will be mined over several years, gradually distributed among all interested parties.

At the moment, $GRAM has already been added to major aggregators, including CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, and daily trading volumes exceed $4 million. But how can an ordinary user buy $GRAM? Let's consider the simplest options.


With the help of this bot, you can buy Gram using cards or cryptocurrency. Let's consider the option of buying with a card.

Open @CryptoBot, select the P2P โ†’ Buy.

Select the GRAM coin and then choose any convenient bank and seller.

Create a deal and specify the transaction amount in GRAM or your currency. When the seller accepts the deal, you will receive their details. Send the specified amount; during this time, the bot acts as an escrow, securely blocking the coins in the seller's balance until the deal is completed.

After purchasing, the coins will be credited to your balance in @CryptoBot โ€” you can open the main menu of the bot and withdraw TON to any wallet in the TON network, such as MyTonWallet. Additionally, you can buy and sell $GRAM on the built-in ๐Ÿ’  Exchange for cryptocurrencies like USDT or TON.


To buy $GRAM on decentralized exchanges, you need to have TON or another cryptocurrency balance in the TON blockchain. Then you can use StonFi โ€“ open the website, connect your wallet. In the Trade tab, select the desired currencies, enter the amount, and press Swap.

Then you only need to confirm the transaction within your connected wallet, and within moments, $GRAM will appear in your balance.

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