Liquid Staking and how it works

Liquid Staking and how it works

New Liquid staking protocol brings together TON holders and blockchain validators to jointly participate in and subsequently share profits. Step-by-step instructions ›

The mechanism is that the user blocks their TONs in a special smart contract, receiving in return a derivative (derivative) - a wrapped token. In turn, the validator who launched this contract gets the opportunity to use these TONs, but only to launch new nodes in the network. Without direct access to the coins.

In usual staking, the assets you freeze  on smart contracts. Liquid steaknig, by issuing a wrapped token, allows you to use your TONs, which continue to generate revenue. Liquidity is provided by the protocol itself and also by third-party DEX, via liquidity pools.

The process works in reverse as well, at any time you can send the received tokens to a smart contract and get your TONs back.

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