Farming on

Farming on is a DEX providing minimal fees and a simple interface. This is a fully decentralized exchange for swapping any coins on the TON network. The service doesn't access your funds, nor does it request personal information or KYC.

One of the ways to earn on a DEX is through farming, which involves earning returns by providing liquidity in liquidity pools. These are special smart contracts where funds are securely stored, and at any time, they can be withdrawn back to your wallet.

After depositing coins into a pool, you can earn profits from the fees for each exchange in that pair, as well as additional rewards, thanks to support from the TON Foundation.

Purchasing GRAM

To begin, you need to buy GRAM coins, and you can do this in several ways. The easiest methods include using an Exchange or a P2P market in the Crypto Bot. Additionally, you can use the StonFi exchange; let's explore the further steps using it as an example.

Adding liquidity

  1. Open this page in any browser and connect your wallet via TON Connect. We recommend using MyTonWallet.

2. Click on Add liquidity and proceed to add liquidity. At this step, you will need to provide an equal amount of GRAM and TON coins. At the current exchange rate, it looks like this:

The coins in the pool are always placed in a 1:1 ratio. So, at an exchange rate of $3 for 1 TON and $1 for 1 GRAM, for every 1000 TON, you'll need to deposit 3000 GRAM.

Enter any amount in GRAM, and the corresponding amount in TON will appear automatically in the second field. Then, click the Provide Liquidity button and confirm the transaction in your connected wallet.

Now you have LP tokens in your balance, which confirm ownership of a certain share of all the coins placed in the pool. Their volume continuously grows thanks to the fees left by other users making exchanges, and consequently, your share increases as well. At any time, you can exchange LP tokens back for GRAM and TON.


  1. Return to the GRAM/TON pool page, where you'll find a button to start farming your coins. Click on Farm.

2. Verify and confirm the transaction in your connected wallet.

Done! Now you receive additional income from every exchange made on the exchange, as well as additional rewards for farming from the TON Foundation. In the first few minutes after adding, we received 82 GRAM; rewards are credited every minute.

🎁 In addition to this, at the end of farming, rewards in TON and STON will be distributed among all liquidity providers. Thus, at the end, you will receive much more than the amount shown in the interface.

These rewards are sponsored by the TON Foundation to develop the DeFi sector on the TON blockchain.

Impermanent Loss

It's worth noting that traders on decentralized exchanges occasionally experience impermanent losses — temporary losses incurred while holding a position on a decentralized exchange based on the automatic market maker (AMM) mechanism. They represent the difference in asset value when held in a wallet (HODL) versus held in a liquidity pool. Impermanent losses primarily occur in classic pools where the liquidity provider (LP) must provide both assets in equal proportion, and one of the assets is volatile relative to the other.

How to withdraw earned rewards?

In the farming menu, click on Claim, specify the staked token, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

How to withdraw LP tokens?

Step 1. In the list of staked LP tokens, select the desired one and click on Unstake.

Step 2. Click on Unstake and Claim and confirm the transaction in your wallet.

Remember that you can only unstake tokens in full. Also, upon unstaking, you will automatically receive all earned rewards.

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